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Houzer Cutting Board CB-4100

Houzer Cutting Board CB-4100

  • Hardwood
  • Custom designed in-the-sink cutting board to fit specific sink models
Our price: $179.95
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GRIDS ONLY for the Manhattan LE-605 Triple Bowl
GRID ONLY for Homeplace Jasper HBS3219 Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink
GRIDS ONLY for the Manhattan LE-605 Triple Bowl GRID ONLY for Homeplace Jasper HBS3219 Single Bowl Stainless Steel Sink
Houzer Bottom Grid BG-3500
Houzer Cutting Board CB-4500
Houzer Bottom Grid BG-3500 Houzer Cutting Board CB-4500
Hozuer Bottom Grid BG-1800
Houzer Cutting Board CB-3100
Hozuer Bottom Grid BG-1800 Houzer Cutting Board CB-3100
Houzer Bottom Grid BG-2500
Houzer Cutting Board CB-3200
Houzer Bottom Grid BG-2500 Houzer Cutting Board CB-3200

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